Bellamianta Spray Tan

Hi everyone,

So as a professional spray tanner, when I heard that Bellamianta had released a spray tan lotion for salons I just had to see what all the fuss was about so I went along & ordered some. 

The delivery was fast & the girls on the phone where lovely! I couldn’t wait to try out this tan.

Just as I was spraying the very first spray on my client I could already see such a big difference from the previous tan I use. 

The smell was lovely, kind of tropical & the colour was just amazing. It came up straight away & was so brown, yet not too brown if that makes sense. 

The tan offered huge coverage, it was as if my client was after being on holidays for a week. It was so even & I really couldn’t believe how well it looked on my client. 

I was so excited about how well it looked, I quickly rang my boyfriend & got him to come down & spray me! Yes I did! I just did not have time to get one of my friends to do it! (He will kill me for saying that but Heyyyyy..)

Once I got sprayed I LOVED the final look. Again the smell, the colour & the coverage where all just amazing. 

The recommended time to leave the on is from 2-4 hours depending on how dark you want it but I left mine on all night because I really wanted too see how it would turn out. Not just for myself but so I be honest with my clients about how I found the tan. 

The next morning when I woke up.. Oh my goodness! I was so dark so I jumped into the shower & washed as normal, pat myself dry when I got out & then inspected the final look.

Wow! I was delighted with how the tan turned out. I looked & felt great! As I said before it was like I had been on holidays & got a good colour. It was natural to my skin tone but she gave me an amazing colour. 

I found that the Bellamianta Spray Tan wore off just nice too. It didn’t get patchy or dirty looking. It faded away naturally. I also got a good week out of my spray tan without moisturising which I normally don’t get.

That was all a couple of weeks ago & I have sprayed lots of different clients with the Bellamianta Tan & they have ALL been happy with the result. 

Bellamianta Spray Tan suits most skin tones too. I have had clients who are pale, dark, oily, dry but it still came out lovely on them. 

Overall, I love the Bellamianta Spray Tan & I would highly recommend it! 

To book in with me for a spray tan you will find me here Joanne Dunne Beauty!

To order the Bellamianta Tan to use at home, you can find it here Bellamianta Tan

Happy tanning!

Joanne x



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