Aqua Aerobics 

Hiiiii everyone,
So a few of us decided yesterday evening that we would go for a swim in Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre for something different to do.
If I’m honest I had planned to have a tiny swim and then spend the rest of the evening in the jacuzzi and relax but that’s neither here or there!! 😉

We arrived around 7.30pm and the women at reception informed us that the pool was closed at 7.45pm because Aqua Aerobics was taking place. So that was the end of that.

We randomly decided to take the class on the way back to the car and see what it was like. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

Before the class started we had about ten minutes in the pool and then it began to slowly fill up.

The class was full of both men and women of every shape, size and age which I thought. Anyone could attend the class, it wasn’t focused on any particular age group. Some people were with others and some people were on their own.

I haven’t done any type of exercise in months so I was dreading the class right just before it started if I’m completely honest.

I found the class really good. The music was upbeat, modern and good. The instructor showed us how to do a move, then an easier way to do that same move along with a harder way to really push yourself. So if it was a easy, hard or just a medium type work out you were looking for, this class definitely offered that.

The class was on for an hour and it flew by. Towards the end the instructor brought out weights especially for water which helped intensify the workout but also work on the tummy area.

The class is on every Monday & Wednesday night at 7.45pm and is really worth taking. I enjoyed myself and was wrecked afterwords. I woke up this morning and wasn’t too sore but my body had felt like I had been doing some type of exercise.

The class is only €7 but To find out more, here is a the link to Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre website.

Hope this helps,
Joanne x


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