Mud Masky (Try it Tuesday)

Hiii everyone,

This week for ‘try it Tuesday’ I tryed another sample product that I received in a Glossybox. 

For those of you who don’t know what a Glossybox is you can find a blog post on a Look fantastic beauty box, which is the exact same thing but a different company, right Here.

Anyway back to try it Tuesday..

I applied this face mask after I cleansed my face with the Garnier Micellar cleansing water. I get mine in Penneys or sometimes I get the travel size bottle in Deals for only €1.49! Brilliant value! The travel size in Penneys is €2! Every 51 counts! 

Of course when I went to apply this face mask I couldn’t find my face mask brush so I just used my fingers which was grand. 

This is how the mask looked once I had applied it.

This is how the mask looked when it had began to dry/set.

This is how the mask looked after it had set.

To be honest I found this mask great. It got tight o my face as it was setting but I could tell it was drawing out any impurities in my skin. 

The mask didn’t irritate my skin and left it feeling really soft for a couple of days after. I was really happy with it.

I took it off in the shower as I find it easier to remove that way. It came off easy enough. I used yellow sponges that I got in Gainforts Academy back when I was in college studying beauty therapy. Any sponge or face cloth will do the same job.

Overall, I like this mask. Yes it does feel a bit tight on the skin when it is setting but it does work and I did see a difference in my skin. I have used this product a few times and it would be a product I would be happy to buy.

Happy pampering, 

Joanne x


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