Penneys Lip Liners & Essence XXXL Matt Liquid Lipstick (Try it Tuesday)

Hiiii everyone,

Today for try it Tuesday I thought I would let you all know about the Penneys Lip Liners and the Essence XXXL Matt liquid lipsticks.Personally I think they are both amazing. 

The Penneys Lip Liners are only €1.50 which is a steal. I only picked up one at first just to try incase they weren’t great quality. 

I’m not sure the exact name of The shade but I picked up the brown shade first and have used it loads. It is really pigmented and long lasting. Even after eating throughout the day, it didn’t seem to fade. 

I have since gone into Penneys and picked up the other two shades that are in the above picture and I have repurchased the brown shade. 

When using the Penneys Lip Liner in the brown shade, I first line my lips, and then follow with the Essence XXXL Matt liquid lipstick all over my lips. I also think these are amazing. They are priced under €3, have great pigmentation and are really long lasting. 

At first I purchased the brown/nude shade but have since purchased the other shades in the below picture.

I would highly recommend both products, they are so affordable, long lasting and really good quality. 

Hope you enjoyed the read,

Joanne x

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