Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner


I love these two products. I have been using them for the past couple of months now and I think they are amazing.

I was heading away for the weekend and I realised I had forgotten my shampoo and Conditionor so I ran into Deals in Enniscorthy and picked these two up for only €1.49 each!

I did not realise how good they would have been. My hair feels so soft after using them and I am constantly complemented on my hairs lovely shine.

For such an affordable product I am really delighted with these two. I did run out for about two weeks and I used other brands while I was stuck but they were just not the same.

My hair just wasn’t as soft and shiney. I have a really thick head of hair so it’s not easy to get good products at such a good price.

I now have my own little stock at home of these two bad boys. There’s only about three bottles of each on my shelve. I’m afride I won’t be able to find them so I’m making sure I’m stocked up!!!

They are also available in Tesco, Aldi and Mr Price for anyone who is looking for them. Well that’s where I have seen them stocked so far.

Joanne x

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