P.s Dark Circle Reducer (Try It Tuesday)

Hiii everyone,

So this Tuesday I decided I was going to tackle another eye mask. 

For those of you who read my previous blog post on an eye mask from star skin you will know that it didn’t go very well. I don’t know if it was just me or if the eye masks were really hard to use! 

For those of you who haven’t read my blog post on the eye mask from star skin you can find that Here. Feel free to comment on that blog post and let me know what I done wrong or if you had the same problem.

This week I tried an eye mask from Penneys. As you can see below it was only €1.50 & comes with four little eye masks which means it’s actually only 75cent for one set of eye masks.

When I opened up the pack of eye masks, the two little sets of eye pads were individually packaged in a small silver packet. 

Personally I thought this was so handy, it keeps the two little eye pads not being used clean and safe from damage. 

Having the little eye pads individually packaged also meant that there wasn’t any syrum, oil or lotion all over the place or all over my hands. 

When I had opened the small silver packet the little eye pads were neatly placed on a clear plastic sheet, which again I thought was very handy, neat and kept everything so tidy.

After I had cleansed and dried my face, I followed the instructions on the back of the original packet and peeled each little eye pad away from the sheet of plastic and placed it under my eye. 

It wasn’t until I had the eye pads under my eyes that I read I had to leave them on for 30 minutes or overnight.

Ehh.. what?? Who has the time to leave an eye mask on for 30 minutes!! Well maybe at night it would be ok but I would be trying this mask out in the middle of the day! Typical!!

Anyway.. I decided to give this whole 30 minutes thing a try and see how I get on.

Two minutes in and my phone rings.. my boyfriend who is a farmer was looking for a hand (only joking he wanted a drink) so I popped down to him. Yes with the eye masks still on and guess what?? The didn’t budge from underneath my eyes.

Yes that is me sitting in his tractor with the eye pads still on. I really thought they might slide around a bit on my face but they didn’t.

Is it sad that I then thought to myself.. I could apply these eye pads and rather than do nothing for 30 minutes I could actually get house work done?? I feel very old with that thought! 

Overall, I really liked this eye mask. The eye mask itself is very neatly packed, it’s so affordable and very easy to both apply and remove. 

I love the fact that once the eye pads are underneath the eye they do not budge. I think they would be so handy for anyone to just apply and then go about your day around the house or apply just before bedtime and sleep in them. I am going to try the second lot of eyepads overnight and see how I get on.

The last time I tried an eye mask the little pads wouldn’t stay where I had placed them under my eye and they just kept sliding off my face.  

I will definitely use the second lot of eye pads that came in the pack and I will definitely repurchase these eye masks again. 

The dark circles around my eyes did improve. 

Here is a before picture

Here is an after picture 

(Don’t mind my hair, it’s fairly wind swept from being on the farm!!)

Hope this helps, 

Joanne x 

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