From business to beauty

Once I had finished my business course, I still didn’t know what I wanted to do within the industry so I decided to take a year out until I made up my mind.

I had a job in our family run pub although it was not where I wanted to end up, it kept me going until I got on my feet. 

A very close friend of mine decided she wanted to do a nail and tan course up in Dublin and me being the most ungirlie girl there was, I decided I would do it too. It would be something different and the course would never be wasted on me, I would always have it. 

First we done a course in Perfect Match two week gel polish and two weeks later we done a course in Spray tanning. 

I really enjoyed the courses, it was something new and I found it exciting to be perfectly honest. How sad.. But I did. 

I sent a few texts around to my friends telling them and soon appointments came rolling in. 

I was very nervous starting off but Guess what? I loved it.

For the first time ever I was doing something for myself, I really enjoyed it. I got so excited when someone booked an appointment. 

I still do actually, it’s a great feeling doing something you enjoy. 
Joanne x 

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