Penneys Egg Brush Cleaner & Baby Shampoo

So I was in Penneys last week & I picked up on of these egg thingies for cleaning make up brushes for only €1.50. 

I had heard all about the bigger & more expensive ones from the variety of beauty bloggers I follow on snapchat so I thought for €1.50 if it goes horribly wrong & doesn’t work, I won’t be bet up over it or anything. 

I got home, brought every make up brush I own along with some baby shampoo & headed to the sink.

I put a little bit of baby shampoo on the egg & rubbed my make up brush up & down against it all while holding them both under a lightly running tap.

My brushes were as good as new! I couldn’t believe how well the egg along with a small amount of baby shampoo worked on my brushes.

I will say that my bigger brushes (powder & some foundation etc.) did not come out as clean as my smaller brushes (eye & lip brushes) but I think that is because they are bigger than the egg itself so a bigger egg is needed to really get in at these brushes.

Overall, for €1.50 I think the Penneys Egg Cleaner is great value & works really well for small-medium brushes. But for some medium-big brushes something a little bigger is more suited. 

But €1.50 could ya really go wrong??

Joanne x

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