What Next?

So what was next? I was busy with my few appointments but my customers want more, I wanted more. Where do I go from here?

I decided to go down to Gainforts, the local beauty academy in Co. Wexford and see what was out there within the beauty industry and what exactly I could do next.

After I sat down and had a chat with one of the women in the office, I decided that I was going to start the beauty specialist course along with the Holistic massage course in September. 

The Holistic course was every Monday evening 6pm-9pm and the beauty specialist was every Tuesday & Thursday evening 6.30pm-9.30pm. 

I was Sorted! I could study at night but keep working during the day and be able to support myself along the way. 

I remember how excited I was after that meeting in Gainforts. I literally skipped back to my car. 

I couldn’t believe I was brave enough to go in and talk to these people about doing a course, never mind enrolling myself in two.

Working in a family run pub, I am very comfortable behind the counter, serving the people that come in threw the door but this was completely out of my comfort zone!

I felt like I was in school again sitting in the chair talking about courses. Don’t get me wrong everyone was lovely, I was just so nervous. 

I felt silly for heading into Gainforts & enquiring but Looking back on it now I really don’t know why. 

Why shouldn’t I enquire? Confidence is a huge thing. The beauty industry was and still is so new to me, it scares me but excites me all that the same time. 

Moral of the story.. Regardless of how scary, how silly or how nervous you are about something, go do it! Put yourself out there. I did & it has been so worth it. 

Hello beauty therapy, Hello butterflies!!! 

If anyone is interested in what courses are available in Gainforts Academy check out their Facebook page by clicking on the above link.

Joanne x

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