Bridget Jones’s Baby 

Hiii everyone,

So on Monday night myself, my mam, my Nannie and my auntie went to see Bridget Jones Baby in Gorey cinema. 

For those of you who don’t know, on a Monday there is a special offer on tickets. You can get a large popcorn, large drink, a bag of sweets and your cinema ticket for only €15! We didn’t know this so we were delighted when the girl at the counter told us. Tickets are only €5 on Mondays for those of you who are not interested in any goodies! 

By the way in the cinema in Wexford tickets are only €5 on a Tuesday! Every little helps. 

Anyway back to the film..

We went to the 9pm showing. It was fairly full too but I’m sure that the crowds will die down once the film has been out awhile.

I really enjoyed the film. It was so funny. Bridget as a character never changed. I think she is so relatable and hilarious. 

Everyone in the cinema laughed from start to finish. I don’t want to give too much away about the plot but I thought the whole way through the film never got boring or far fetched. It didn’t seem long and the way it ended was really lovely.

I loved every minute of the film and I would highly recommend going to see it. I wouldnt even mind going again.

Happy watching,

Joanne x


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