Hiii everyone,
I know it has been a while since I last posted but I have had both my theory and practical exams for Beauty Therapy and Holistic Massage the past two weeks so I was busy preparing for them.

I had three of my theory papers on one day and then I had another three a couple of days after.

Normally I don’t like to put it out there but I am dyslexic and find exams really hard. So for me, sitting and passing an exam is something I am proud of. So get your Nannie to light a candle for me and pray I pass. 

Yesterday (Tuesday the 16th of August) I had my practical exams meaning I had to show an examiner exactly what I had been thought throughout the year.

I was excited to do it if I am honest. I really enjoy what I do. Yes of course I was nervous but who wouldn’t be? The examiner was lovely and I had worked hard all year, I knew what I had to do so I made sure that I proved exactly why I deserve to pass. I feel like I have done enough and I came out happy yesterday. 

Exams are horrible. I know everyone thinks the same but it’s so true. I studied business for four years in a class full of all types of people, Married, single, young, old, with kids and without kids. It really doesn’t matter what situation you are in. The important thing is to do your best and be proud that you have given it you’re all.

Don’t mind me rambling on, I am just proud of myself for coming so far.

My younger brother done his leaving Cert this year and got his results this morning. He too has dyslexia but came out with a fantastic result. He studied for hours and hours everyday and really put the work in. I’m so proud of him. 

It’s the little things, give yourself or someone you know a little praise. 

Joanne X


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