Sophie’s Groom & Big Op

Hiiii everyone,
Sorry for being quiet this week I have had a busy week and just didn’t get a minute. 
My little puppy Sophie got neutered on Tuesday so I have been working days I normally have off in order to get Tuesday off to bring her to and from the vet. 

I got her groomed with Audrey from Waggly Tails on Saturday. I felt so bad getting her neutered that I thought she could do with a morning of pampering! 

Audrey does an amazing job. When I got Sophie in February, she was filthy dirty and extremely smelly. I have never seen or smelt anything like it. The poor thing.

Sophie came back a different dog. She looked so white and fluffy and she she smelt amazing. 

Here is Sophie before her groom..

(She was after been washed twice by myself and my little brother before these pictures were taken so can you just imagine how filthy she was when I got her??)

Here is Sophie after her groom..

Such a big difference. If you are interested in getting your dog groomed you can find Audrey from Waggly Tails Facebook page Here.

This time when I got her groomed I had to get her coat cut short because her coat had changed and had become matted. I do get Sophie groomed regularly to make sure her coat is ok but unfortunately because her coat changed there was nothing I could do.

On Tuesday I dropped Sophie into Frontier Vets in Enniscorthy at 9.30am. I felt so bad. It was like Sophie knew exactly what I was doing to her when I said goodbye. 

Everyone in Frontier were amazing with Sophie. They said I could ring after 2pm to check on her so of course I did. 

When I rang, they told me Sophie got on really well and that she had also gotten a tooth removed along with a hernia. 

I knew Sophie had a double row of teeth but as for the hernia, I hadn’t a clue. Dog owner of the year right here. I felt so bad for not noticing but then again Sophie is normally so fluffy it’s hard to see her tummy. 

The main thing is that Sophie was ok, her operation went well and she was coming around just nice. I was allowed to pick her up at 5.30pm. 

After I heard everything that Sophie had done and before I got a chance to think about what it was going to cost I was reminded how there was no panic on the full amount and I could take my time paying, I never expected to be told there was no rush on payment. 

Sophie’s big Op was €135. I couldn’t believe it because I had heard from so many people how expensive these things are to get done. I know Sophie is a small dog but I still didn’t expect it to be so affordable. 

To get more info, you can find frontiers Facebook page Here.

Hope this helps all the other dog lovers out there! 

Joanne x


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