Zumba with Lisa

Hiiii everyone,

So I have been trying to get back into some sort of exercise the past couple of weeks so last night I attended a Zumba class in Screen with the lovely Lisa Kehoe. 

For those of you that don’t know what Zumba is, it’s basically a fitness dance class. There are a variety of moves that you can do all at your own pace. You can go as easy or as hard as you like. It is all up to you. 

It doesn’t matter how young, old or what shape or size you are, the class is suitable for everyone. 

Personally the Zumba class doesn’t feel like a form of exercise because it’s so much fun. I really enjoy it and the time flies. 

When I go to the gym the time goes by so slowly, I hate doing everything and I have no motivation whatsoever.

With the Zumba the instructor Lisa is lovey, everyone in the class is so friendly and if you go wrong no one even notices. Everyone is so focused on watching Lisa at the top of the class that they don’t even look at anyone else.

I just laugh at myself when I go wrong. There are some moves I just can’t get so I just waddle in the same direction as everyone else and hope for the best!!

The class is pay as you go and it’s only €7 which is great value. who 

If Screen doesn’t suit you, Lisa puts on Zumba classes in other places too. I robbed this picture from her Facebook page, you can find that Here.

Don’t want to go own your own to the class?? Message me on any of my social media and come along with me! Il be heading that way on a Thursday! 

I have been also going to strength and conditioning training with the lovely Debbie Murphy from Murphy Fitness. I am in the middle of doing a blog post with all the details, so stay tuned for that.

Happy exercising,

Joanne x


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