Ps. Face Treats (try it Tuesday)

Hiii everyone,

So for today’s try it Tuesday I decided to try another one of Penneys skin care products. This time I used a “3D brightening, moisturising mask. As you can see on the packaging below it was only €1.50.

So before opening the pack I had a quick look over how I was to apply the mask and then jumped straight in.

The instructions on the back said to apply the mask on the neck, chin and mouth area first and then to the rest of the upper face which was easier said than done. 

When I opened the packet, the mask was folder over in a small square and it was covered in syrum so it got a little messy opening the mask out but not too much. 

I applied the mask just like it said on the back via the neck, chin and mouth first and then flattened the mask out on my face. 


I look so creepy!! Ha sorry! 

I did find that the mask was a little bit big for my face so it wasn’t completely bubble free on me but I didn’t mind. 

The mask didn’t feel too heavy on my face, it didn’t get tight but instead it felt nice and cooling on my skin.

I left it on for twenty minutes. The instructions on the back said between 15-20 minutes. 

The mask did slip a little on my face but It didn’t completely slide off either. I was sitting up the entire time and it only moved s tiny bit. 

I don’t think you would be able to get up and do the house work with this mask on but you don’t have to be completely Lying down either. 

The mask was easy to remove as I just pulled one corner and it all come off. 

There was a bit of syrum left on my face but the instructions said just to massage it into the skin which is exactly what I done. 

Overall, I liked the mask. It was easy enough to apply and remove. My skin felt a little sticky afterwards but nothing crazy either. 

I’m not sure how much the mask hydrated my skin but then again I have only used the mask once. I think with regular use I would see more of a difference in my skin.

Hope this helps,

Joanne x


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