Ear candle (try it Tuesday)

Hiiiii everyone,

I wanted to try something different this week so I decided to try out an ear candle. 

Ear candles can be bought in the health shop and some beauty salons do offer it as a treatment to clients if you are interested in having a go. I got mine in Gainforts Academy for €11.80. There is a good few in the packet. 

So to get started I checked the instructions on the back of the packet.. but there wasn’t any. 

So I decided to ask around and see if I knew anyone who had used them before and I checked out YouTube to see what the sus was on that and see if I could make head or tail of what I was to do. 

So after asking around and watching a few videos on YouTube, I decided to give it a go.

Before lighting the candle I make sure to have a pint of water beside me just inside the candle went on fire or something around me did. I also made sure to have someone there beside me incase this happened. I roped my poor boyfriend in yet again!! (Thanks Ed!♥️) 

So I lay on my side, placed the candle in my ear and Ed lit it for me. I held the candle in my ear with my hand.

There was a line at the end of the candle to show where the flame should not go under so Ed kept an eye that and when the flame went down to the line we would remove the candle from my ear.

The absolute state of me but anyway.. the things you do for a blog!!! 😂

Once the flame had reached the line at the bottom of the candle, I removed the candle, opened it and found that not one bit of wax or anything was inside the candle. 

So basically I just sat down like a tit for ten minutes for no reason! 

I thought then maybe I should try lighting the candle before I put it in my ear so I done that with my other ear but the results were just the same.

Maybe I done it wrong so if anyone has tried this before can you please let me know how you got on or what I done wrong??

Overall, it’s a no from me on this product!

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x


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