My Beauty Room (The Journey)

Hiiii everyone,

Eekk.. so after 19 months, meeting new clients, packing & unpacking equipment, a serious amount of courses, moving around boxes and thousands of arguments with my mammy… I have finally convinced her to let me convert her office into my very own beauty room.

I am so excited. 😁😂

I thought I would wright a blog post letting you all know the few bits I bought, where I got them and who helped me get up and running in my new little room.

So you would think that once I got the good ahead from mammy (The Boss😘) then everything would be plain sailing and easy. Right?? Wrong!!  

The first time I got the office empty, I had no one to help lift, move and hide half of the stuff that was in there, so back it ALL went into the office. 

Yes I took it well.. (I went for a walk, a drink and I had a little cry, but after all that I got over it!) 

So after bribing my youngest brother with FREE McDonald’s for life and an eyebrow wax should he ever need one, I had him on board to give me a hand moving and painting everything during his Halloween holidays from school. 

Ok so mam is on board (note to self.. do NOT talk, breath or mention too much or she will pull plank! A simple hello & a slight sprint out the door until the room is finished just may do for the time being!) and my little brother Billy is on board too. Whoo, things are looking up. 

So now what? Paint!

As you can see above the office window is in the centre of two storage units meaning that not much natural sun light shines through, so I would have to chose a colour that was bright and warm. Not just to make the room look brighter but also bigger. 

Perfect I thought to myself sure I will just go with a light colour, maybe white or a light cream. Easy right?

Wrong.. why is there 4,000 shades of white?? Of any colour for that matter and for those of you that don’t already know, those sample paint pot things you can get are not the same as the big bucket you buy. Yep, them little pots are liers! 

Few, that’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed the read.

More is on the way, stay tuned! 

Joanne x


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