Hydro Face Mask (Try It Tuesday)

Hiii everyone,
My skin has been feeling dry lately so for this weeks try it Tuesday I decided to try out another hydrating face mask.

This week I tried “The Hydro Face Mask, 120 hours of hydration”. I got this in one of my monthly Glossy Boxes. 

So Before opening and applying the mask, I had a shower and cleansed my face.

Unlike any other face masks that I have tried before, this mask was in two pieces. 

Here is a little picture of what I mean. (It was on the side of the packet).

The first piece covered my forehead, under eye and nose and the second piece covered my lower cheeks, my upper lip and chin which I actually thought was handy and it made the application of this mask easier. 

Once I had applied my mask, I had to leave it on for 30 minutes. I honestly took it off after a little over 20.

My skin began to tingle and the mask felt heavy on my face so I just removed it. 

As I mentioned at the start of this blog post, my skin has been really dry lately and I do suffer from a little sensitivity so maybe it’s just my skin at the moment. 

I don’t know if I am a fan. I was looking for something soothing and soft but unfortunately that wasn’t what I got.

My skin did feel soft after but not massively.

Again that could be down to the condition of my skin at the moment.

Have you tried this mask? I would love to know what you thought about it?

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x



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