I`m still here!!

Hiii everyone,

I am so sorry that I have been missing from here the past two months I have just been super busy. I recently god a new job that I love within the beauty industry and while I was getting on my feet I just didnt have time to blog.

I was in college three days a week too so between my new job, college, working one day a week in the family pub and also taking my own clients in the evening time something had to give. Unfortunitly my blog got the short straw.

Now that I am on my feet in work and college has reduced to two days a week, I can breath again and do a little blogging!

So starting off I thought I would fill you in on what I have been upto..

As I mentioned above, I was in college three days a week but now I am only in two. On Mondays I study Fashion, Theathre and Media Makeup (Makeup Artistry), on Tuesdays I study Barbering and on Saturdays I study Nail Technology (Gel & Acrylic Nail extensions and Nail art).

My Saturday course Nail Technology has recently finished and my exam for this course will be on the 4th of July. In one way its great being so far away as it gives me plenty of time to get extra practice in but in another it would be nice to get the exam out of the way.

Along with attending college most Saturdays, I had to also do 15 case studies for this course. 5 Gel nail extensions, 5 Acrylic extensions and 5 Nail Art. These case studies had to be done in the middle of me starting my new job sooo.. that was fun! They are done now and thats the main thing!

My other two courses dont finish until the end of June and my exams will be in July for them too. For my Fashion, Theathre and Media make up course I dont have to any case studies but I do however have to do a portfolio containing about 30-35 makeup looks. I am really enjoying this course and creating the looks. I will post some pictures below of looks I have created. I know they wont be perfect but everyone has to start somewhere!!

For my barbering course I dont have to do case studies either but I do have a certain amount of different hair cuts and assessments I have to do which all have to be done in class. At first I found this course really hard but I am getting on my feet now and beginning to get the hang of things. I have only done a few cuts but I would rather have only done a few right than do loads wrong.

So thats just some of the stuff I have been upto recently.

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x

Here are some makeup looks I have created:


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