New Year, new start..I’m back!

Hiii everyone,

So I went off the rails a bit with the whole blogging thing but my New Years resolution is to get back into it again so here’s hoping I will!

The thing is, I enjoy posting different bits and bobs but sometimes Im not happy with how the content turned out, I’m worried about what people might think of the post or I just don’t get around to finishing what I have done so unfortunately it just stays in my drafts section.

I had started to take the time to type up some new blog posts in December but I decided to wait until January to start things up again. New year, new start and all that!

As far as the whole “New Years resolution” thing goes I have decided that this year I am going to push myself to get out of my comfort zone.

I second guess so much of what I put on my social media, what I ware, what people think and really all I am doing is just putting pressure on myself to be perfect which is something I don’t even what to be!

So this year rather than being hard on myself, I am going to push myself. Im ready for fails and stupid WhatsApp group messages about my makeup looks (unfortunately I have experienced this already!🙄) but I’m also get ready for the lovely comments, the praise, the loyalty and the support from the people that matter.

My customers, family and friends are so supportive of me and that’s what I am focusing on..

Few, that was a tiny bit of a rant🙈

Anyways, New year, new start..

Thanks for reading, stay tuned. I have an exciting year ahead!

Joanne x


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