Try it Tuesday, The L’Oreal Steam Pod

Hiii everyone,

So for Christmas, one of the many presents my boyfriend got me was the L’Oréal Steam Pod.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a new type of straightener that isn’t as drying on your hair as some other straighteners.

I have thick hair and have always used a GHD to straightener it. I love my GHD but I was excited to try out the Steam Pod to see what all the fuss was about.

Weeks ago I had been talking to a woman who worked in Salon Services in Gorey and she told me that it was an amazing product. She said that the Steam Pod wasn’t as drying on her hair as her GHD was and now that she has used the Steam Pod she wouldn’t use a GHD on her hair again.

Is it too good to be true though?

So start off, you fill the reservoir with water and before too long the steam is ready. Steam comes out of the straightening tongs, which apparently adds moisture to the hair shaft as it straightens, instead of drying out the hair.

In the information booklet it says the different types of temperatures that you can set the Steam Pod at and what types of hair each temperature would suit. Which I thought was handy because I hadn’t a clue!!

I have thick hair so I set my Steam Pod to the highest temperature which is 240. (Again if you have thin, dry hair or anything just follow the recommendations in the information booklet and it will tell you exactly what temperature would suit your hair!)

Here is my hair before using the Steam Pod.

Here is my hair after using the Steam Pod.

Normally it takes me about half an hour to forty minutes to straighten my hair with my GHD and it only took me 17 mins with the Steam Pod!

I am amazed at how good and quick it is. I normally get a pain in my arms doing my hair and by the top I get to the top of my head I couldn’t be bothered doing it properly and it normally ends up wavy but not anymore!😂

After using the Steam Pod I literally went to bed (my life is very exciting!) and when I woke up the next day my hair was still dead straight. It hasn’t got frizzy or hasn’t any waviness to the top layers or it didn’t kick out a bit at the bottom it was absolutely perfect.

I have since used the Steam Pod many times and each time it hasn’t disappointed me. My hair actually feels a little soft after I use it.

Apparently the moisture from the Steam hydrates the hair rather than drying it out as you use the Steam Pod.

I wouldn’t say my hair is silky soft after using it but I would definitely say that it is soft after using it.

Overall, I love my Steam Pod. When I got it I thought it was just going to be another straightener but I can’t believe how quick it now is to straighten my hair and how easy it is to use the tool.

I love this product and highly recommend it! It can be used for curls too but I have never been great for curling my hair with a straightener so I will leave that for another day but I am definitely going to try it!

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x


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