What a week, eek A Makeup Masterclass 💄

Hiii everyone,

So this week has been pretty busy with different bits and bobs so I thought I would fill you all in. (It’s nothing mental now but for me, it was better than a normal week Ha!)

Just before Christmas I was asked to do a makeup masterclass with the TY students down in Coláiste an Átha secondary school in Kilmuckridge. I was absolutely delighted to be asked to take part.

I have to be honest I was super nervous only because I am very hard on myself and I really wanted everything to go well. I am well use to talking about skincare and makeup to people but normally it is on a one to one basis. This time however, I was standing in front of 20 students so a little pressure was on!

I was off from work on Monday and spent most of the day planning and preparing myself for a makeup masterclass. I had a few different topics I wanted to cover but I wanted to tie everything into place.

I also wanted to have course information, and product prices etc at the ready Incase anyone wanted to get into the Beauty industry or was interested in any of the makeup or some of the tools I myself used on the day.

On Tuesday morning I got up early, showered, packed up my makeup kit and done my hair and makeup.

I straightened my hair with my L’Oréal Steam Pod. (I already have a blog post on this product explaining how to use it and how I feel about it so if you would like to find out more, you can read that Here).

For my makeup I went super natural, unfortunately I didn’t get a picture! My close friends got a sneaky snapchat but I forgot to save it! My bad..

I drove down to the secondary school and gave myself about half an hour to set myself up and be ready for the couple of hours ahead.

First off I started talking about how I got into the industry, the route I took and where I went to college. The different types of colleges and courses available and some of the prices.

Next I moved onto skin care, the importance of it and different types of products that suit each skin type. I also highlighted the importance of removing your makeup correctly. (You age 8 days by sleeping in your makeup just once!🙈 lets be honest we have all been there!!)

I then moved onto makeup brushes, different brands, high end and affordable ones and how to clean them.

I talked about different makeup, Foundations that suit different skin types and how to apply foundation and what type of makeup to wear to an interview, how to apply lashes etc.

Although I had a plan, I didn’t want to class to be too structured. I was happy enough to go with what the girls wanted.

I done a brow demo, followed by a winged liner look. (Those of you who have attempted a winged liner will understand how stressful it can be!!) I then turned my natural winged liner look into a festival makeup look, which was fun.

At the end, I left time for the girls to pop up to me and ask questions one on one if they wanted to about things I did or didn’t cover which went down well.

And that was that! Two hours just flew by! I was so lucky as they were a lovely bunch of girls who took part and really got involved.

I am delighted that I got this opportunity to pop down to the TY students. I really enjoyed it and picked up a few little tips of my very own which is always a good thing!

That’s the thing no matter I do or who I talk to, I continue to learn different things.

So this year is already off to a good start. Who knows what could be next? I am excited to find out!

Thanks for reading and supporting me so far,

Joanne x


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