Hello Hair

Hiii everyone,

So I let my hair get in Awful condition over the summer. With all the little things I do I just never made the time to go and get it done.

Basically all I did was wash and condition it and tried to do a hair mask once a week but that didn’t always happen.

A few years ago I got my hair cut much shorter than I wanted (I had really long hair and it was cut into a Bob) so after a three day meltdown, a consultation for extensions and then the conversation with Mammy about how we (yes we, as in her and me!) were going to pay for these extensions, I have never really trusted anyone to cut my hair.

So in November I decided to head into Joe from Hair Craft salon in Wexford town. I had known Joe through a mutual friend for a years and seen that he had opened his own salon in recent years and to support him, I had liked his page on Facebook.

I messaged him in Facebook explaining how fussy I was and told him I didn’t really have a clue what I wanted but that I wanted to book in! He messaged back with an appointment and I was on my way the following week.

Look at my hair before and after…

How amazing is that?? I can’t even explain what I wanted but that was exactly it! I really felt that Joe listened to what I was talking about and knew exactly what to do! I loved my hair and felt a million dollars leaving the salon.

I went back on Thursday last week to get whatever Joe done the last time done again. Ha!

Unfortunately I am really grey so I have to get my roots done a good bit so as long as they were done I didn’t really mind after that!

Again I trusted Joe to do whatever with my hair. He just knew exactly what to do.

Here is my hair before..

Here is my hair after..

How flawless is that? It’s so hard to explain but I absolutely love it! I still have my darkness but it’s light too!

I would highly recommend Joe from Hair Craft Salon. He knows exactly what to do especially when I didn’t even know myself. I had a million ideas but still hadn’t a clue!!

Everyone is so nice too and really friendly which was great for me as I was embarrassed at how bad I had let my hair go the first time I went in but I was welcomed straight away.

Make sure to follow Joe on Instagram–>> haircraftwexford

Joe puts up before and after pictures which is another thing I love because it shows off exactly how good he is.

You can also find his Facebook page Here.

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x


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