Keilidh MUA Masterclass

Hiii everyone,

So on Sunday myself and one of the girlies Joanna headed up to Dublin to Keilidh MUAs Makeup Masterclass in Harvey Nicole’s.

For those of you who don’t know keilidh is a makeup artist who worked for the makeup brand Inglot and now has a YouTube channel and works for herself.

I have followed Keilidh on all her social media for a long time now and I think she is amazing at what she does! She is so creative and I personally think she has unreal talent.

The masterclass was at 12pm so we left at 10am to give us plenty of time to get there and get a quick bite to eat and then head into get our seats.

Keilidh created a dramatic makeup look on her sister and started off with her eyes and later moving onto the rest of the face.

Keilidh made it all look so easy!! She came across so down to earth and I really enjoyed the class.

She gave out so many spot prizes for different things and even went over twenty minutes just to answer some extra questions which I thought was nice that she wasn’t rushing us out the door.

Once the masterclass was over she got pictures taken with whoever wanted one. I would have loved one but the heat in the room was unreal and I needed air!

We got a goodie bag too and here is what was inside..

I also picked up a few bits of makeup but keep an eye on my instagram–> joanned_mua_beauty so see what I got!

I really enjoyed the masterclass and picked up some great tips and tricks.

I do think it is so important to keep bettering yourself attending Makeup classes to keep up to date with what is going I but also to challenge yourself and allow yourself to learn.

Most of the stuff I have learnt are from other makeup artists, not just working on clients but from talking to other makeup artists and watching YouTube.

Just because we all do the same job doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk and support to each other.

Want to see more of Keilidh??

Keilidhs instagram–> KeilidhMUA

Keilidhs YouTube–> keilidhMUA

Make sure to give her a follow!

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x


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