My January Favorites

Hiii everyone,

So as we head into February I thought I would look back at a few of my favorite bits and bobs over the past month.

First up is my L’Oréal Steam Pod.

My boyfriend bought me this for Christmas and I wasn’t too impressed because I already had a GHD but after using it only once I fell in love with it.

I have a blog post on my Steam Pod, you can find that Here.

I have used my Steam Pod loads of times since I wrote that blog post and I love it even more since then.

It’s so easy to use, straightens my hair in such a short amount of time and my hair feels really soft afterwards.

I’m hooked!!

Next up is a pair of black jeans I got in Penneys for €13!

They are the super stretch, super skinny jeans. I had a navy pair and wore them until they literally fell apart and when I was in over Christmas I picked up another pair in black.

I had forgotten how comfortable they are to wear and since picking up my black pair I have lived in them any day I have been off work.

I like a jeans that isn’t too stiff ha if that even makes sense so these and nice and stretchy.

Let’s face it, in the morning we all want something snug, comfy but still presentable so these are the job!

Another favorite of mine that I picked up in Penneys is an aroma candle for only €3!

I actually picked up a few of these candles because I think they smell amazing and for only €3 how could ya go wrong?

I love scented candles in general but I don’t like if the smell is really strong so these are perfect for me.

I love an auld Yankee too but they are so expensive so I either get Ed to buy me one or get them on sale! Ha! 🙈

I am obsessed with Penneys sooo anther one of my favorite bits and bobs for January are the Come clean mitts.

ey are white and come in a pack of three for only €3. They have a soft cloth side and a slightly rougher exfoliating side.

I like to use them to remove my makeup and once I have done so I throw them into the wash.

What I would say is that they wash really bad.. well not really bad but they do shrink unfortunately.

Everytime I am in Penneys I pick up a pack and then just throw out my old ones that I have used a few times. Inglot no77 gel liner will stain them!!!

Moving on to skincare. A big favorite of mine is Yonka Masque No1.

is is a hydrating mask that you can leave in overnight and wake up 96% hydrated the next morning.

It's really lightweight and really does work. No matter how good your skincare routine is, you need this product in your life, in my opinion!

I do have a blog post on this product too, you can find that Here.

Last up is my beautiful puppy Sophie! She is my ultimate January favorite! I had her two years on January the 27th and I can’t imagine what I would do without her!

ave always been a dog lover but since this little lady came along I have become obsessed! (I have one friend who has asked me to stop sending her snapchats of her!!)

No matter what form I am in, how my day has went she is always happy to see me and sometimes that's exactly what ya need in your life!! Sad but true.

Below are some of the thousand pictures that I have of her! I did mention above that I am obsessed!!

o those are just a few of my January favorites.

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x


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