Back To College Haul

Hi everyone,

So I am heading back to college on the 18th of Febuary and I wanted to pick up a few bits so that I can keep everything organised and most importantly so I dont loose anything! (I am either really organised or all over the place their is no inbetween!)

So I headed into Mr Price to see what I could find and here is what I got:

First up I picked up this leaver arch folder for only €2.99

When I am in class I am going to be taking notes down in a refill pad and then when I get home I will transfer them into this hardback. I don’t like my notes to be messy or untidy so that’s why I like to do my notes down on a refill pad so that I can transfer them at home when I can take my time and not in a rush to get them down. This hardback was €2.99.

Next up I got some Tipp-Ex for €2.99 I know I have Tipp-Ex somewhere but I cannot find it so I picked this up just to have.

I am really fussy about the colour and type of pen that I use. (Yes I know, what am I like!) So I like these type of pens because they have a few different colours to choose from. This pen was only €2.49.

I know I have a million of these plastic pockets but if I didn’t pick them up today I knew I would need them so again I picked these up for my handouts . There were packs of 20 and 50 so I got the 50. These were €1.99.

It’s only a small few bits & bobs but I thought I would share it with you all. I have a good bit of stationary from previous courses I have done so I didn’t need to pick up that much.

If I need to pick up anything through out the year I will let you know. I also invested in a laptop for college but I am going to do a separate blog post on that.

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x


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