MacBook Air, My New Laptop

His everyone,

Once again I have been missing for a little while.. If I am being honest, I didn’t want to come on here and blog because I had an assignment to do so I was making myself finish that before I came on here. Now that I am almost finished my assignment I thought I would pop back on here and fill you all in on my new investment.

As you already know I stated back in college on Sunday the 18th of February and something that I really wanted to invest in was a new laptop. I know that a laptop isn’t something that is required for the course but I have wanted one for a while now. I have a few ideas up my sleve for the future and investing in a laptop will make things so much easier.

Before I just couldn’t justify a laptop because I knew I wouldn’t use it that much because we have a computer already at home but since starting college and considering my future plans, last week I bit the bullet and purchased my very own MacBook Air laptop.

If I am perfectly honest, I was a couple hundred euro short but my younger brother saved the day and loaned it to me so I was able to go all out and get the laptop that I really wanted.

I went into Joyces Electrical in Wexford just to get some information on different laptops out there, how much they were and what they had to offer. (Knowing full well that I wanted a MacBook Air).

The salesman was very helpful and did go through exactly what laptops he would recommend, the different features they had and various price ranges. I did tell him that I was interested in a MacBook Air (thanks to Billy’s investment(“,)).

Of course the second he showed me the MacBooks I was sold. I did pretend I was interested in another laptop that he recommend from Microsoft but I had my heart set on a MacBook.

So thats the one I got. The Apple MacBook Air in silver. I didn’t actually pick a colour, the silver one was just the one that the sales man handed me and I was that excited that I was getting the laptop, the colour didn’t really bother me!

For me, I wanted a laptop that had word publisher, power point, and all those fancy windows word documents so that I can continue to edit and create menus for both the pub I work in and my beauty price lists.

I also wanted a laptop to improve my blog, that had a webcam, had video editing but had a good bit of storage so that I could keep all my course information and future teaching notes (heres hoping) all in the one place.

I picked up office 365 in Joyces too. This has all the fancy word documents that I mentioned above. I do actually want to bring it back because some else told me that for an additional 40 euro, there is an office 365 that you can put on up to five laptops / computers so I want to exchange the one I got and get the bigger one. I can then have bits and bobs on mams computer and my other brother can have it for his laptop too.

I have also ordered a few bits off the internet to help protect the laptop but I will do a blogpost haul on that when they arrive.

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x


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