Penneys Haul

Hiii everyone,

So late week I popped into Penneys and had a quick look. Of course I picked up a few bits, nothing major as I didn’t have much time to really route for bits and bobs but here is what I picked up..

Pink Glitter iPhone Phone Charger for €3.

I have gone through so many phone chargers, I either loose them, they brake or a member of my family robs it on me (yes Robbie I am taking about you taking my falling apart phone charger back to college with you!). So if you are anything like me, then this charger will come in handy for you too.

Nail Wheel for €1.50. (Pack of two).

I am a beauty therapist with a growing client base at home so these will come in handy to show off the variety of nail polish colours I have available.

Pink Curtain reduced from €4 to €1.

That is the label that came in the packet just so you can get an idea of the way I am hoping to hand this curtain.

That is the colour I went for.

I have a window in my beauty room and I have been looking for a little curtain to put up for a while now but haven’t found one that I really liked. I picked this one up for a euro which will be perfect to have up until I can make up my mind on what colour and style I really want.

Bathroom matt €6 / €8

My Mam picked up two of these bath matts so I thought I would put them in too. They are actually super soft. Our bathroom at home is blue so they match perfectly. I can’t remember exactly how much they were. I think there were either €6 or €8.

A red flowy top with straps and tea shirt sleeves on the shoulders for €11.


This top also comes in a bright yellow which a will probably go back and get but I really like how bright the red so thats why I picked this one up. I can’t stop thinking about the yellow top now so I know I will go back and get it ha! I picked up a top similar to this top before from Penneys but there is elastic in the sleeves of it and the straps won’t sit where I want them to and it drives me mad. This top doesn’t have that so Im looking forward to wearing it.

Bobbins €1.50

I have no idea where all my bobbins go but I hope they are happy wherever they are! I loose these guys all the time so I picked up a packet of these too.

So thats all I picked up from Penneys. I know it isn’t a lot but I thought I would show you all anyway.

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x

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