Wedding Outfit 24/03/2018

Hiii everyone,

So on Friday last week I attended a wedding with my boyfriend and we had an amazing day. I thought I would share my outfit details with you all incase any of you were wondering where I picked up everything.

On Thursday I got my boyfriend to use my spray tan machine and do my spray tan. The tan I use is the Bellamianta professional spray tan. I love this tan and I have had great feedback from my clients about the tan.

I done my nails the night before myself using the Perfect Match Gel Polish. I have other polishes from different brands but this is the brand I started out with and always go back to as they have such a good colour range. I have clients who get a month out of this polish so as they saying goes..if its not broken then don’t fix it. I went for a nude pink colour that is mood changing. Basically when my hands are warm the colour is a lovely light pink colour and when my hands get cold they change into a darker pink colour.

Below my hands are cold:

Below my hands are warm:

I done my toe nails too but I hate my feet so I will not be showing you those!! I used a pale pink colour from the Gelish range. It looks amazing its tan, then again what doesn’t?

I got my hair done on Friday morning by Maria in Hair Craft in Wexford town. I absolutely loved my hair. I wanted it to be super soft and natural and that’s exactly what it was. You can find the salons Facebook page here.

I done my makeup myself. I use to treat myself and book myself in to get it done but my boyfriend said that if I actually sat down and gave myself the time to do my makeup properly, I would love it and he is exactly right. I would spend ages doing anyone else makeup but when it comes to me I would lash anything on and go ahead. so now I sit down and spend some time doing myself up!

I got my dress from Caris Closet online. I actually got this on sale from €150 to €99. When something is on sale it feels even nicer wearing it! this dress is actually a top and a skirt. I loved it. So snug and simple. I feel that it would be paired with so many different colours and accessories.

I forgot to get a full length picture of the dress on me! It was really comfortable to ware tho!

I got my shoes on sale too. They were €20 in Shoe Rack reduced down from €45. I saw them in the shop but they didn’t have my size and in fairness to the girl behind the counter, she checked to see if they were in my size in another shop which they were and she ordered them in for me at no extra cost. I was delighted.

My bag was from Penneys. I got it about a year ago for €12 I think and I have gotten so many wears out of it. Almost every wedding I have gone to, I bring it with me. It is a bit small but it stops me from bringing silly stuff with me that I don’t even need.

So thats what I wore and the little few details about getting ready for the wedding. I hope you found this useful.

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x


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