26?? 10 things to the younger me!

Hiii everyone,

So last week I turned 26 and those of you who know me will know that I hate my birthday and hate getting older!! (Thats a story for another day!). I only use the birthday card so that myself and a few of the girlies can all get together and enjoy a few drinks. Any excuse really!!

I was in the middle of typing up a different blog post when I thought of this one! A blogpost with 10 tips of pieces of advice to the younger me! Something different so why not! Here goes…

To Joanne,

  1. Get drunk with the girls more often! Go and Enjoy yourself!
  2. Its ok to be weird, I mean yourself! Its ok to be yourself!
  3. Stop being so hard on yourself
  4. Stop being so stubborn
  5. Fill in your eyebrows
  6. Buy the top in Penneys
  7. Believe in yourself, push yourself!
  8. Stop worrying about what people think about you, if they don’t like you then what harm!
  9. Walk away
  10. Laugh

Love Joanne x

P.s Your quar fine (my famous few words after my operation!)

So there you have it. 10 silly pieces of advice I would give my younger self. I don’t know what it is but when I was growing up I was so hard on myself. I still am now but not as much as when I was younger. Hopefully I have mellowed out a bit, now that I am an old fart ha!

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x

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