My night Time skin care routine

Hiii everyone,

The time of the bad snow I posted a blogpost on my morning skin care routine and got great feedback from it so I decided to let you all in on my skincare routine at night. If you haven’t read my morning skin care routine blogpost you will find it here. 

Some of the products that I use in the morning are the same at night but I will just fill you in on products that I haven’t talked about yet.

Both my cleansers at night are the same as the morning. I cleanse my face twice and use the Image Vital C hydrating cleanser first.

Then I use the Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing balm second.

I remove both cleansers with the white “come clean mitts” from Penneys. I think they are only €3 for a pack of three which is great value. the only thing is they wash really bad. They shrink like crazy! Every time I am in Penneys I pick a pack up.

When toning my face I go between two different toners, the Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner and the Yonka Lotion for dry skin.

At the moment I am obsessed with the Elemis toner but I will mix it up a little sometimes and use the Yonka one.

I do not exfoliate my skin every night, I would do it once or twice a week and at the moment I am using the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel exfoliator.

So to use this exfoliator I apply it to my skin after I have cleansed and toned. I apply this all over my face and leave it on for about 10 minutes, sometimes more. This product exfoliates the skin while also leaving a hydrating layer on the skin giving you a lovely, healthy glow and it smells amazing!

Moving on to masks, like my exfoliator I do not apply my mask every night. I like to use my mask once or twice a week. The mask I use and love is the Yonka Mask no1.

I have already talked about this product so much on my blog and social media accounts. I love this product. I apply this product after I have cleansed and toned, all over my face and then leave it on overnight. The next morning my skin is 96% more hydrated and has an amazing glow, it also really brightens the skin. You don’t have to use this product overnight you can leave it on for 20 minutes or a couple of hours, its up to you. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin or stick to your pillows incase you are wondering!

For my moisturiser at night I like to use the Hydra no1 Creme from Yonka.

This moisturiser is so hydrating and gives your skin an amazing glow. I like to wear it at night because I personally don’t like my skin to look really dewy throughout the day, I prefer a moisturiser that dries matte for daytime. If I wasn’t putting makeup on or leaving the house then I would use this moisturiser during the day. As you can see this product is well loved with some tan on it!

So there you have it, thats my nighttime routine. I do chop and change bits and bobs e.g. I was using a different exfoliator but these are the products that I am using currently. If you have any questions please comment down below.

Some of the products may seem small but that’s because some of them are samples so the full size products are much bigger!

Thanks for readying,

Joanne x


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