Wish Haul

Hiiii everyone,

So I recently placed an online order on Wish to see what the stuff was like and how long the delivery process was etc. I didn’t want to go too mad on buying stuff incase I never got them or the quality wasn’t great so I only got a few bits. Once my first order has arrived, I will have more of an idea on what the site has to offer and can go from there with my next order.

I placed my order on the 23rd of February so I am interested to see how long everything takes to arrive. Although I did order everything at the same time, everything came seperately. Down below are the few things I ordered:

Rose Gold Leather Bling Shiny Glitter Hard case with keyboard for a MacBook Air Pro.

This arrived on the 22nd of March and it cost me 12.35. I recently saw it on the Wish website for 7 but from researching the site, I saw that prices can go up and down so its the risk you take when you buy. I still think that what I paid wasn’t too expensive.

Here is my laptop before and after I added the case.

The case and keyboard look exactly like the picture on the Wish website, they fit my laptop perfectly and I am delighted with them. I do think they are both good quality and look cool. I know it is very blingy and pink but I like it and will more than likely order loads more considering the quality of it and how cheep it was. Its a yes from me on this one.

Next up is a pink “fast charging extra long” iPhone charger.

So this was only €2 and arrived on the 6st of April. I don’t know about the fast charging bit but it charges my phone and I’m happy enough with that. Normally when I buy cheap chargers they never really last so time will tell to see how long this one lasts.

The next item to arrive was this little charger bag. I bought this for my laptop charger.

This arrived on the 9th of April and it cost me €1 but unfortunately it isn’t big enough for my laptop charger.

It was only a €1 so I’m not worried about it and I am sure I will find something to use it for but just know that when I typed in MacBook charger case this did come up and it doesn’t fit so this is a no from me.

Last but not least I ordered this star phone cover.


This arrived on the 12th of April and cost me €1. It fits my phone perfectly and looks really cool.

I did have an otter box cover on my phone which is bulky but that offers great support around my phone. This case is thinner so I wouldn’t say it would be as good but it looks pretty so I’m happy ha! I just hope I don’t drop my phone!!🙈

So that’s that! This blog post took me ages to do because I had to wait so long for everything to be delivered.

Most of the stuff worked out for me so I would recommend the site but not if you are in a hurry to get anything! Be prepared to wait a while!

I have heard that the clothes on the site sometimes don’t turn out great but maybe I will order a few bits and see how I get on, what do you think? Comment down below and let me know if you would like to see me blog something like that??

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x


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