Online Hate?? Really..

Hiii everyone,

So it looks like you don’t need 1,000’s of followers to get online hate these days..

Isn’t it awful that people will bitch about you, make digs and post statuses about you but wouldn’t even give your picture a little like?

Why not show me some support?

I have been to collage and worked with so many different people and when they start up any type of social media I make sure to like their post because I know exactly how hard it is to pluck up the courage to:

1. set up a social media account

2. Actually post something

I am working in a busy hotel but I am always trying to grow my lovely client list at home and just by one extra person liking the pictures I post, can make such a difference to me.

Why the hate??

I have done so many courses with so many different, lovely people who I make sure to like their pictures online when the set up social media accounts. What harm is it to boost their confidence a little?

Do you know how hard it is to actually press that “share” button? Well I do, so I am of course going to like your post and show you my support! Fair play for putting yourself out there and posting something.

It’s not about the “likes” for me, it’s just a confidence thing..

I don’t know about you but starting off in the beauty industry is hard, there is so much pressure to be amazing.

I know I’m not going to be as good as someone who has been in the industry years but that’s ok, because someday I will be.

I will work hard until I am.

But do you know what else?

It’s even harder to press that “share” button knowing I’m not as good as everyone else, but I do it anyway. (It’s terrifying, no joke).

So give me a little like, help me build my confidence, help me grow.

Unfortunately, last week I became victim to some online hate. Yes, I say victim because I didn’t do anything wrong, yet My name was mentioned in statuses on Facebook which actually didn’t make any sense.

I have private messaged and telephoned this person to try get to the bottom of what their problem might be. (I say their problem because I actually don’t have one).

I am yet to get a response from this person and have been blocked from all of their social media accounts which actually suits me fine because I cannot understand how they were on my friends list in the first place when we have completely different circles.

To be honest, I am glad that I am surrounded by people who support me, encourage me and push me to do well.

I would hate to be a young person starting out dealing with that type of abuse. It’s very off putting.

I’m glad i grew in an environment where I can stand up for myself and don’t really need everyone to like me or my Work.. if they don’t then that’s ok.

I just need the people that are important to me to put up with me! Ha! (You all know who you are! 😘)

I’m not posting this blog for attention, I am posting this blog Incase anyone else out their might have also gotten some online abuse who might need a little push or some encouragement.

It’s easy to post negative about someone behind a laptop or computer screen, in my opinion.

I suppose one way of looking at it is, I have made it in the Beauty industry! I mean all them top bloggers have millions of followers and get online hate and here is me with under 400 and I’m getting some too!

I might only have a few followers but it looks like I’m being watched already! It can only get better!

I’m not cocky, I just believe in myself!!

And you should believe in yourself too!

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Thanks so much for readying, I hope I didn’t come across cocky, I am just fed up of people behind laptops trying to take me down!

I am going nowhere!

Joanne x

P.s Thank you all for your continued support, I really appreciate it!

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