Wedding Outfit 06.07.2018

Hiii everyone,

My boyfriend and I attended a wedding last week and had an amazing day. ❤️

For those of you interested in what I wore, here are the details:

My tan

As always my boyfriend sprays me with The Bellamianta Professional Spray Tan. He is just as good as me now at this stage!!



After showering:

My hair

I curled my hair myself. I am by no means a professional when it comes to my hair but I had a morning full of lovely clients so I done my hair myself.

My nails

I haven’t got French manicure nails in years and I done a set on a client in Work and of course wanted to do it on my own. I love a French tip, it’s one of my favorite. I think it’s so classy. I done my nails myself, they are not perfect (I’m left handed so my left hand is terrible but from far away it looks lovely!!)

My makeup

I done myself.

My dress

My dress was from Ollie & MAC. I spotted it back in February but it sold out and then I literally waited months for it to come back in stock so when it did, I added it to my cart and bought it within about 5 minutes!! You can find the website Here.

My shoes

I got my shoes from Get That Trend. I was looking at some dresses on the site and spotted they had a half price show sale on so I got my lovely shoes for only €22.50 reduced from €45! I was delighted. They will go with almost any color outfit/ dress/ jumpsuit etc because they are a soft, plain color.

My bag.

I wanted to pick up the color of my shoes somehow so I went with my old reliable bag from Penneys. I got this bag ages ago but about a month ago I spotted them back in stock again. (Just Incase you are on the look out!)

Thank you all so much for reading & supporting me, I really appreciate it!

Joanne x

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