5 Summer Fav’s

Hi everyone,

I know I have been missing the past while so I thought I would fill you in on some of my summer favourites to get us all back into the swing of things!

First up is the Luna by Lisa liquid lipsticks.

Anyone that follows me on Instagram will know I am a big lover of natural makeup and nude lips so when I seen these lippis I couldn’t resist and of course I bought them. I am delighted I did because they are so worth it. They are so pigmented, creamy and smell amazing. I have used them on clients who always comment on the lovely smell. I really like them. The colours are right up my street and they really do last a long time. I am delighted with these and have already ordered another set online in the fear that I run out and cannot get my hands on them.

Next up is the Rose Gold edition Sculpted pallet by Aimee Connolly.

One of my lovely besties Orla bought me this pallet long with the brush that comes with the pallet for my birthday back in March and I am so glad she did.  The pallet itself is so pretty and tidy. I can just throw it into my handbag and run. it has a little mirror inside too which is great for topping up mascara or the lipstick etc. My most favourite thing about this pallet is the cream highlighter “champagne cream”. I literally applied a small amount with my finger tips to my cheek bone and I was glowing. The man on the moon could definitely see my highlight! I tried to send Orla a snapchat showing how good the highlight was but all she could see was shine!! It is amazing and that is before I applied the powder highlight on top. I am sorry I didn’t try this pallet sooner. its so good. I will definitely purchase this pallet again myself.

Moving on, another favourite is the Perfect LMD Master Pallet.

This is an eyeshadow pallet created by an amazing makeup artist along with the Perfect brand. My lovely brother Robbie bought me this pallet for Christmas. (I picked it out in the shop and told him thats what I wanted!! Thanks Rob! x) I have created so many makeup looks (natural, glam, smokey etc.) with this pallet and have loved every single one. The pallet is only €30 but so worth it. The shadows are so pigmented and personally are all colours that I would use. Anytime I create a makeup look, let it be on myself or on a client, I always find myself reaching for this pallet.

(^^ some Looks I have created with the pallet!)

Next up is the bareMinerals BarePro foundation.

As most of you know, I use to work in a hotel in Gorey and the bareMinerals is a brand that they carry. I found my love for this foundation through using it on my clients in work but also using it myself. When I started working in the hotel I didn’t realise that bareMinerals had a liquid foundation, I just that they offered powder foundation. (Yes I must have lived under a rock!) This foundation has a huge range of shades, has really good coverage and sits nice on the skin. I have dry skin and I like how this foundation is on my skin, another one of my besties has slightly oily skin and she said she loves it o her skin too and always receives plenty of complements when she is wearing it. The foundation is long lasting and wares really well. I have purchased many different shades to have in my personal makeup kit for my makeup clients at home. I have received great feedback from my clients on the foundation. What I also like about this foundation is that it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I hate when products feel heavy or on top of my face but this foundation feels nice and lightweight.

Last but certainly not least, the Penneys Lip liners for €1.50!

Yes, you heard it right! Only €1.50! I have talked about these liners before on my blog but I think its important to give them another mention. I absolutely love these liners. I find them so creamy, pigmented and long-lasting. There are so many different shades to choose from and every time I am in Penneys I pick up some. I have seen online that a lot of the shades are dupes for some Mac lipliners. When using these lipliners on both myself and clients, I apply the liner all over the lip so. that if the top gloss / lipstick fades away the lip liner will act as a base and the client will still have some colour on their lips. This little trick also reduces the amount of times you will have to top up your lipstick as you will always a base colour on your lips. The lip liner doesn’t fade away!

Well there you go, 5 of my summer favourite products. I have loads more but thats for another blogpost I think!

Thank you so much for reading and for your support,

Joanne x

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