Penneys Carlow Haul

Hi everyone,

So my brother was heading back to college in Carlow and being the thoughtful person that I am, I offered him a lift up (so that I could go to Penneys!!!). I cannot remember the last time I had a big shopping splurge so I decided I was going to treat myself. Here is what I got!

Pink lemonade candle reduced to €2 (I got two)

Matte lipsticks €2 in shade Naked & Truffle

Winter scarf €6

Pink winter boots €16

100/180 grit Nail files €3

Makeup brushes €3 / €3.50

Block buffers €2.50

Duo glue (I actually can’t remember how much this was! About €5/€6

Batter operated flower lights €6 (I got two sets)

Ankle socks reduced to €2

Pink Bag €14

J Candle €2

Grey Bath towels €5.50

Ted Baker look alike purse €6

Cozy Pink Cardi (kids section)

Grey Star top €7 (kids section)

I did also buy bras and underwear but I will leave that to your imagination!! Just know that they have a lovely underwear section in Carlow.

I was really impressed with the store, the homeware is great! I could have spent all day there and spent a fortune but I made myself walk away! It is definitly worth a trip up. I didn’t actually buy that much but I might up again in a few weeks and pick up the few bits I can’t stop thinking about!!

Thanks for reading,

Joanne x

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